Traditional Korean Medicine

Traditional Korean Medicine has created from conventional Chinese medication yet has created diverse unmistakable highlights. Amid the tenth century, Chinese prescription was presented in Korea yet the Koreans have begun to build up their very own therapeutic practice. Consequently the customary Korean medication has come into training at around 5000 years prior. The principle methods of Traditional Korean Medicine comprise of restorative treatment, needle therapy, and Sasang protected prescription. Of all these Sasang are a one of a kind strategy and a noteworthy treatment routine in Traditional Korean drug. In conventional Korean prescription, the key procedure is to watch characteristic physical capacities as they show up with the end goal to investigate a sickness or confusion as opposed to diving deep into by analyzation, examination, and experimentation. Trial and hereditary investigations of TKM have demonstrated linkage with pharmacogenomics.

  • Circumstance and future course of TKM
  • Clinical qualities of Korean Medicine
  • Atopic dermatitis in Korean drug
  • Moxibustin

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